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Decin – Tetschen

Nestled in a basin between Bohemian Switzerland and the Bohemian Uplands, the town of Decin offers its guests a variety of attractive sights.

Usti Nad Labem – Aussig

The town of Usti nad Labem is located in northern Bohemia, directly on the Elbe River. It inspired already the painter Ludwig Richter to a masterpiece and offers its visitors buildings worth seeing.

Duchsov – Dux

The chateau in the village of Duchcov/Dux has been a meeting place for many celebrities from the world of culture and politics over the centuries: Chopin, Goethe, Schiller, Tsar Alexander I…

Krupka – Grey Pottage

Deeply cut into a valley in the Czech part of the Ore Mountains lies the traditional mountain town of Krupka. It is the starting point for the cross-border mining trail.

Teplice – Tepliz

Teplice is a well-known spa town. As early as the 18th and 19th centuries, Europe’s celebrities flocked to the North Bohemian town for recreation.


The town of Pirna is nestled in the breathtaking landscape of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains about 15 minutes from the gates of Dresden. Even Canaletto was so fascinated that he put Pirna on canvas more often than the famous silhouette of Dresden.

Saxon Switzerland National Park

Already Carl Maria von Weber and Ludwig Richter found recreation and inspiration in Saxon Switzerland, the German part of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. The romantics raved and still rave about the unique landscape. There is much to discover, many a legend to hear and all kinds of special features to marvel at…


The city on the Vltava River is one of the oldest and largest cities in Central Europe. Largely unscathed by the world wars, today it offers a beautiful historical city center, which successfully combines the architectural styles of different eras …


The city on the Elbe is world famous and popular with young and old. This is not surprising, as it offers everything the heart desires: from historical sights to lavish festivals and culinary delights to places to relax.

Königstein Fortress

The Königstein Fortress is enthroned above the Elbe on one of the table mountains so typical of Saxon Switzerland. The complex, which has been developed into a state fortress since the 16th century, originally emerged from a medieval castle and was considered impregnable until the beginning of the 20th century.

Osterzgebirgsmuseum Lauenstein Castle

The Osterzgebirgsmuseum in the Lauenstein Castle shows numerous exhibits on the history and nature of the eastern Ore Mountains. The core of the permanent exhibition is the Hohenthal Cabinet of Rarities, a collection of hunting, art and everyday objects. The museum is complemented by a picturesque palace garden, a deer enclosure and numerous special exhibitions.

Baroque Garden Großsedlitz

The Baroque Garden Großsedlitz is probably the most ambitious garden project of King Augustus the Strong. Inspired by France and Italy, orange trees blossom here in summer and pompous water features glitter.

Weesenstein Castle

Rising high above the Müglitz Valley is the 700-year-old Weesenstein Castle, which has some curiosities on closer inspection. Discover a castle that grows down the mountain and take a trip back in time to Saxon history – but backwards.

Frauenstein Castle and Ruins

Built in 1200 and falling victim to a fire in 1728, Frauenstein Castle is an imposing example of medieval architecture. The complex is one of Germany’s most beautiful and largest castle ruins. It is the landmark of the village and visible from afar …

DDR Museum Pirna

The recent past comes alive again in the DDR Museum. Exhibits from all four decades of the GDR are on display, from baby carriages and toys to camping equipment and fully furnished rooms.

Liebenau Farm Museum

How did people live in the countryside over 100 years ago? The Farmer’s Museum Liebenau shows in a three-sided courtyard many historical exhibits from the historical everyday life of the people of the Erzgebirge.

Botanical Garden Schellerhau

For over 100 years, the Schellerhau Botanical Garden has offered a vivid overview of the diverse fauna of the Ore Mountains. Discover the herb world of the region together with the herb fairy Semmelmilda.

Mining Museum Altenberg

The history of the Erzgebirge has always been determined by mining. The Altenberg Mining Museum guides its visitors through 550 years of tin mining in Altenberg. Experience the everyday life of an Altenberg miner up close, enter the Neubeschert-Glück-Stollen and visit the historic tin washing plant.

Watch Museum Glashütte

Since 1845, Glashütte has been a world-class watchmaking town and city of precision mechanics. Even today, the finest watches made in Germany come from there. The museum tells the story of this success, which has continued up to the present day.